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Interested in Joining our Upcoming Workshop?

Why: Learn about data visualization and go all citizen-BI to wrangle a data problem that is increasingly critical for business success.

When: Targeting last week of July, but will coordinate final date selection with first few collaborators that sign up:

Cost: Free


  • Virtual

  • Preview articles/videos/solutions for inspiration (we will send some ideas)

  • 2-3 hours Design-Thinking & Sketching style virtual workshop to understand the common project portfolio problems, use cases and users . . . and come up with divergent solutions on paper & a virtual whiteboard.

  • Receive a simplified, but realistic sample dataset (Star Schema Modeled) of portfolio and project-related data that you can use to create a working proof of concept (by yourself . . or with help from others)

  • Ideas for questions to gain feedback and test concepts within your organization

  • Access quick follow-up help with questions if you are stuck on PowerBI issues related to the workshop topic

  • An invitation to return 5 business days later and share proof of concept learning

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