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Custom Data & Market

We love a good data challenge - as long as there is strong 

potential for business value in the results.  We leverage Microsoft Power BI for rapid data exploration, and have the product development experience and frameworks that make 'custom' a whole lot easier and more repeatable. 


  • Data Prep & Cleaning

  • Master Data for Accounts

  • Visualizations & Alerts

  • Profitability: by Client, by Project, by Division

  • Cohort Analyses

  • Pricing Analyses

  • Win/Loss & Jobs-to-be-done Interviews

Fractional Product &  Partner Development

You have a software, service, algorithm or data set that has seen some traction and has more potential value in the market, but needs more focus to reach its potential. You are not yet ready to commit a fully dedicated resource.

We provide an experienced part-time resource to conduct win/loss interviews and data analyses to determine how to increase value for clients, your business, and partners.

  • We clarify client struggles and aspirations, and critical elements of the  buying journey

  • Pinpoint high value client segments

  • Vet potential partners who have complementary business models that can help expand reach and capabilities for greater  growth opportunity.

Along the way, we freely share product development and analytics approaches with your  teams.

Extend & Integrate SaaS Application Data


Small businesses run an average of 10+ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and Mid to Enterprise run hundreds to thousands of internal and external systems across multiple departments. 

In all cases, SaaS data is rarely as well connected as it could be which causes friction and many  manual workarounds.  We focus on removing the pain, and aligning the most relevant data to make it far more actionable. 

We partner with SaaS providers and their clients to standardize data feeds that provide value and increase satisfaction and lifetime value.

Rapidly Prototype with External AI Algorithms & APIs

Beyond full cloud software applications, there are an increasing number of cloud-based AI, and other algorithms and data-sets that handle smaller specific tasks (like object recognition, speech to text, text to intent, pricing,  schedule optimization, etc). 

The key is to be able to quickly and realistically prototype interactions to vet the potential and quality of results with business users to understand real on-the-ground benefits  without requiring heavy new software builds.  . . . There is rarely a defined role or staff-member with the combination of skills to handle this effort.  We can help.

Account-Based Marketing

Top clients who drive > $50k annual revenue often represent > 80% of all revenue for companies serving B2B or high-end  consumer markets. 

Identifying more of these valuable accounts, and connecting with them effectively 1:1 requires strong collaboration of marketing, sales, ops and external data. 

This is rarely a 'Big Data' problem.  It is much more of a 'Connected Data and Context' problem.  We create repeatable processes to help make account based marketing a whole lot easier in these high value markets.

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