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Ian Bowman

Use data to get the 20% insights that will drive your next 80% of results!

Familiar challenges we help solve:
Growing topline but . . .
  • Job profitability is very uneven or unclear
  • Which marketing & sales channels, products, teams and divisions are performing well vs which really need work
  • Many disconnected data systems require a lot of effort to gain new insights
  • Opportunistic outweighs strategic 
Our Approach:  
We listen carefully to understand your highest priority goals and bottlenecks.

And use business intelligence tools to unlock data insights that help you solve for fast, profitable growth.



“I have worked with Ian across 5 different companies spanning 20+ years.   Without fail, he has crafted repeatable, scalable, cost-effective and highly flexible solutions to serve the unique and diverse requirements and strategic goals of many Fortune 500 clients” 

—  Christopher Wiederspahn, VP

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